Mobile Pokies

Everybody is getting into pokies – and more people than ever before are getting into mobile pokies too.

Many of the most popular online pokies are available to play on mobile devices. That means tablets and smartphones on the Android platform along with iPads and iPhones from Apple.

Most online casinos now have an intuitive website. This means it looks good and presents in a logical way regardless of how you visit the site. For example, you can view it on a regular computer and navigate the site using your mouse and keyboard. If you view that same casino on your phone or tablet, you’ll see a format designed for a smaller screen. You’ll also need to use touchscreen controls to tap your way around the site or to swipe the page up or down to see more information.

Some casinos are a little behind the curve in this respect. Some might have great websites that look superb on a computer, but that doesn’t mean they’ll look ideal if you want to play mobile pokies. Always check whether the site has a modern mobile look before you sign up (if you haven’t done so already).

Most modern pokies are fine on mobile devices

This is great to hear if you tend to play the new releases and latest pokies from the past few years at your favorite online casino. Today’s pokies tend to be designed to work across all platforms, so if you see a new release, you know it’s going to be fine on your tablet and smartphone.

Some casinos have a targeted mobile site that only displays the mobile pokies. So, you may find that a casino has, say, 100 regular pokies on its main website, but only 70 if you visit the mobile site. In this case, the only pokies you’ll miss out on are the older ones. These don’t tend to look as hot anyway in our opinion. There may just be a few that you’ll need to play on your computer.

Check your data plan or wi-fi access

If you’re going to play some mobile pokies, you should be aware that doing so could come with extra charges if you’re not careful. For example, if you’re on a limited data plan, playing a few pokie games could eat up all your available data. You could find yourself paying far more than just your spin bets.

Make sure you can get wi-fi access before you play your desired pokie game. This means you can hop online without using data, as you can use the internet service in your location. For example, if you’re in a hotel, you may be able to use their free internet service or pay a small amount for extra access.

Ready? Tap and swipe… but practice first

Even if you load up a pokie you’ve played before, playing it on a tablet or smartphone is going to be a totally different experience to anything else you’ve tried. You’ll usually tap certain parts of the screen to spin the reels or to change your wager, going up or down by tapping on plus or minus buttons, for example.

Even if you’re familiar with a pokie game, it’s typically best to make sure you play the practice version if this is the first time that you’re playing it on your mobile device. In doing so, you can work out how different the controls are and whether you’re happy to play for real.

App or browser?

Some mobile casinos have an app you can download onto your phone. We’ve found some casinos that have an iPhone or iPad app and not one for Android or vice versa. However, we’ve noticed that most modern casinos don’t bother with apps. Instead, they make sure their site is fine for mobile users to visit, as we explained above. In that case, you need only bring up your favorite browser, type in the URL of the casino you want to visit, and play.