Casino Games

Even if you play pokies more than any other casino game you can find, it’s exciting to switch things up occasionally and to try something different. If you’re in the mood to change things a bit, we’ve listed many of the most popular alternative casino games you might find online today.

Online casino games are just as plentiful – if not more so – as pokies. You should find most online casinos aimed at Australians have at least most – if not all – the following types of games.

Table games

Any casino game based around a table falls into this category. So, you’ve got card games like blackjack and of course there is the roulette wheel too. You can also look out for baccarat and many other less common card games.


Also known as scratch cards, you may wonder how these cards work when you’re online. Thanks to modern technology, you can use your finger to rub off the ‘foil’ on the front of a scratch card on your phone or tablet. If you’re on your computer, you can use your mouse instead. It’s an amusing way to make the most of a simple game, played for a small fee, in search of real prizes.


You can either play video poker, which is more like a poker version of a pokie game (if that makes sense!) or you can play real poker at an available table in the casino. There are games where you play the computer and some that pit you against other players.

Live dealer games

You’ll find all the usual table games inside live dealer casinos. This is usually a separate area to the regular casino. You’ll need some experience of whichever game you intend to play though, as the casino only offers real play. You cannot practice any live casino game before trying it for real. Each table is managed by a real dealer, thereby giving you a more immediate experience.

Bingo and keno

These are similar but there are a few differences between them. They don’t crop up at all online casinos, but you may see a few sites offering them. The idea is to mark off all the numbers on your card or to match the numbers chosen by the game. It is simple enough to understand, although there are various versions of bingo you can play. Read the rules for each individual game – don’t assume you know how to play in case there are some surprise variations.

A few top tips to remember before you begin

Switching to another casino game is exciting. However, you should always make sure you’re clear on the rules before you play. Most games should have demo modes, just as the pokies do. So, you can usually play the game to see what you think of it and to work out how to play before doing so with real bets.

Most games have a rulebook, instructions, or terms for playing them too. Check those out first, along with any paytable you might find. This can be on the same screen you’re playing on or tucked away on another screen.

Look out for casino bonuses too, especially the rules regarding wagering them. Many casinos ask you to wager the bonus and/or your deposit several times before it becomes possible to withdraw anything. Some bonuses don’t allow you to play anything other than pokies, so if you intend to play table games or other casino games with your bonus, check that you can before doing so.