Deposit Methods

There is plenty to think about when you’re looking for a site you can play some pokies at. Banking isn’t the most exciting topic on your list, but it is an important one. If you always choose the same method to deposit and withdraw with, you’ll want to be sure your selected casino offers that.

So, which methods can you expect to see?

Credit and debit cards

You know the type of thing – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and sometimes Diner’s Club International too. Some of the cards featuring these logos are debit cards, so check and see whether your card would be fine to use on the site you’re looking at.

Online wallets

There are lots of these to choose from. No doubt you’re aware of services like Neteller, POLi, and Skrill. Whenever you visit a casino you like the look of, make sure you check out their banking or cashier page. This should tell you which e-wallets they’ll accept.

Prepaid cards

Paysafecard is the best known of these, especially as you can buy it in various outlets rather than going online. Most casinos have one or more prepaid cards you can choose from, further opening the way to funding your account in the way that suits you.

Virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies)

These come in two varieties. Some casinos are based around virtual currencies like Bitcoin, whereas others have added one or more cryptocurrencies to their original banking collection. Either one is fine if they have the virtual currency you want to use. Bitcoin is the most seen of them all, although other popular ones include Ethereum and Litecoin.

Things to remember before you deposit

Whichever deposit method you decide to use at your chosen pokie casino, you should also consider a few other topics before you commit to a site and a specific banking method.

Firstly, what is the minimum deposit amount for that method? It’s not always the same across all the methods offered on the same site. Secondly, can you use that same method when you’re ready to withdraw? It’s fine with some banking facilities and not others, so it may mean you need to choose an alternative just for withdrawals or to switch methods entirely.

Next, think about whether deposits are instant. If you’re ready to deposit funds, you’re ready to play. Fortunately, most methods do transfer the funds to your casino account at once. The worst we have seen is a mere 15 minutes, so even if you happen to encounter that possibility, you’ll be ready to play after making a coffee!